Men's & Women's Wear
Nirvana, Black Sabbath, Bob Marley, Wu-tang to name a few
Body Jewellery
Navel, Plugs, Tapers, Hoops, Nose Studs and everything in between
Custom Apparel
$25 each / Discounts for Large Orders
Baby Wear
Oneies, tees, bibs
Kidrobot Collectibles
Simpsons, Futurama, Family Guy & South Park
DGA Clothing
Sourpuss Clothing

A little bit about us...

MainStage Urban Clothing is a locally owned and operated retail store that has been in
operation since October 18, 2007.

We specialize in punk and metal band merchandise but we have been expanding our product line since the get go. We carry tees, zip-ups, belts, buckles. wallets, baby wear, stickers and patches to just name a few.

One thing that we are doing completely different from other retail stores is we also sell local band merchandise, local art work and local clothing designers.

We also carry all types of BODY JEWELLERY and make CUSTOM T-SHIRTS in house.


MainStage Urban Clothing
Lawson Heights Mall
Locally Owned & Operated
Est. 2007